Friday, May 24, 2013

Barefoot 5K

Tonight Kenan is spending the night at our house so he can run a barefoot 5K race with me. :) That's right; barefoot! About a month ago, a friend from church,  named Isaac, came over to visit and while he was visiting he told Billy and I about a barefoot 5K race. I absolutely LOVE running barefoot so I was pretty excited! Billy said he had KVACs that day so he already turned down the invitation. Isaac suggested I find a running buddy because he was going to aim to win the race, which meant I probably couldn't keep up with him. I invited Kenan to run with me. At first he said yes, then things came up and he had to say no, but those plans got changed so now he's going to race with me. :) Isaac is bringing his brother Tom to race as well. It's going to be pretty intense! The weather is supposed to rainy and in the fifties. Good thing we won't be ruining any shoes because we'll be running BAREFOOT! I'm excited. This will be only my third time running a 5K. I've never ran a 5K with shoes on, believe it or not. I hope I can keep up with the guys!

Billy's KVACs got postponed to Monday. :/

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