Friday, May 24, 2013

Barefoot 5K

Tonight Kenan is spending the night at our house so he can run a barefoot 5K race with me. :) That's right; barefoot! About a month ago, a friend from church,  named Isaac, came over to visit and while he was visiting he told Billy and I about a barefoot 5K race. I absolutely LOVE running barefoot so I was pretty excited! Billy said he had KVACs that day so he already turned down the invitation. Isaac suggested I find a running buddy because he was going to aim to win the race, which meant I probably couldn't keep up with him. I invited Kenan to run with me. At first he said yes, then things came up and he had to say no, but those plans got changed so now he's going to race with me. :) Isaac is bringing his brother Tom to race as well. It's going to be pretty intense! The weather is supposed to rainy and in the fifties. Good thing we won't be ruining any shoes because we'll be running BAREFOOT! I'm excited. This will be only my third time running a 5K. I've never ran a 5K with shoes on, believe it or not. I hope I can keep up with the guys!

Billy's KVACs got postponed to Monday. :/

Friday, May 17, 2013

Abbey's College Graduation!

So much has happened since I last blogged. I apologize for the lack of posts, I've been busy as a bee!

Abbey has graduated from The King's College with a Bachelors degree in Media Culture and the Arts. I'm so proud of her! :) Aunt Debbie, my parents, Shannon, Billy and I travelled down to NYC on Friday. Shannon and I got to stay in Abbey's apartment.

On Saturday, it was all rainy but we made it to The Trinity Church on time, reasonable dry. The graduation wasn't boring and it was focused on God so it was great! After Abbey and her entire senior class received their diploma, switched the tassel from the right and onto the left side of their cap, they took a group picture of all of them tossing their caps in the air.

Abbey and I after she graduated!
After Abbey hugged basically every single person in her class and more, we headed to New Jersey to meet Tim, Angie, Gabe, and Addie at the hotel.

It was really fun hanging out and eating pizza with the entire family there. :) After almost everyone napped we headed to Dad's cousin Russell's house for a graduation party! I got to meet some of Marsha's (Russell's wife) family as well. Marsha's sister married a man from Ireland so it was cool to listen to his accent. I also learned Marsha's sister, Dayna, was a makeup artist in NYC and did a bunch of celebrity's makeup! So cool! Russell made us all some delicious pizza! Thank you all for your hospitality! When we got back to Abbey's apartment, Abbey showed Tim, Angie, and Gabe her apartment. Gabe's reaction to the view was adorable!

Sunday morning, we headed to the church (Christ Church) Abbey attends. It was a great sermon and beautiful songs! Since it was Mother's day, each lady was given a rose, even if we weren't mothers. It was so sweet! After church we joined their church for a potluck lunch. After lunch we quickly changed into comfier clothes and then went to Abbey's friend Catherine's house for a graduation party in honor of Catherine. It was very nice! A little challenging because everyone already knew each other but there were quite a few outgoing people that talked to us. Everyone was super nice. :) Towards the end of the party we all moved inside and hung out because it was getting chilly. Some how we ended up playing keep-it-up with a balloon with one of Catherine's little sisters. It was rather entertaining! Catherine's Mom showed Shannon and I her amazing living room and the story behind it. It was really cool!

After the party, we headed back to Abbey's apartment. Abbey, Shannon and I just relaxed for the rest of the night. Abby's roommate, Tessa, and her boyfriend, Charles, and her brother, Clinton, showed up around 10:30 or 11pm to hang out for a bit. Clinton is a musician who does Celtic/country/folk music. He actually "serenaded" Abbey, Shannon and I with three songs. It was awesome! He even sang a song called Star of the County Down which uses the word "Colleen" a lot. Made my day! You can hear some of his music on his website: After Clinton's third song he and Charles left so us ladies could go to bed.

Monday morning, we headed home and Abbey started her internship! :) It was a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sweet Weather = Sweet Times!

Last Saturday, Billy didn't end up coming with me to shop with Josh, Sean, and Alyssa. It was probably a good thing because Billy strongly dislikes shopping. I bought a really pretty white flower hair piece but I accidentally left it at the Richards' house. :/ I'm thinking I'll pick it up on my way to Rockland on Saturday unless Tucker drops it off sometime this week.

Last Wednesday, Millie and I schemed a plan to have a bunch of friends from Free Grace (after church on Sunday) have lunch, go out for ice cream, then play Ultimate Frisbee, then eat supper, then go to home group.

Our plans worked out really well! After church, most of the teens and preteens from Free Grace ate their packed lunches and then we drove to Dairy Joy. Some of us decided to split ice creams so we wouldn't get sick later. Kyle and I split a hard serve, brownie, chocolate ice cream in a dish. Super yummy! After everyone finished their ice cream, some of us walked and some of drove to a school field near the Almquist's house. We played a really fun game of Ultimate Frisbee. After the winning team reached 11 points we ended the game and played a game of soccer. That didn't last very long because we were all tired and soccer is exhausting when you're not in the greatest shape. We then played some ninja, did some random acrobatics, played monkey-in-the-middle, another short game of Ultimate Frisbee, played pass and then we walked to the Almquist's house for some quick refreshments and cookies! It was a very exhausting but a huuuuge blast! Needless to say, I was sore the next day.

Friday, April 26, 2013

A Rather Laid Back Week

This past week has been rather laid back for me. I had a rather relaxing class Monday night where we did a recap on the Investor Panel, Sam practiced his presentation for New York, we got interviewed by a lady from the Lewiston/Auburn magazine, talked about the upcoming trade show, and we got assigned some homework. Next week we don't have class.

Tuesday was pretty uneventful. I had my regular schoolwork and chores thought the day. I also went through some of my clothes and neatly folded all my clothes. :) Tuesday night, Mom, Dad and I met at Casondria's apartment with Ginny and we discussed chapter 6 of Instruments of the Redeemer's Hands.

On Wednesday I did school, then I did some push ups and rows and then I went for a run! It was a very good run too. :) I ran just under three miles with no cramps or stops. As I was running on College Road some guy ran past me. He startled me so badly because I was listening to music so I didn't hear his foot steps behind me. :) It just so happen that as he went on, he went on the same trail I was planning on running on. So, when I got to the trail, I noticed he started walking to catch his breath. As I passed him, we both chuckled, and he asked me where I was running from. Turns out he and I both started on Sullivan Road and he's my neighbor. I never got his name though. :) I think he just moved onto my road recently. It was a rather interesting run, I must say.

Wednesday evening, Mr. Kidd led us in a study of chapters 25 (The Deity of Christ), 26 (The Subordination of Christ), and 27 (The Humanity of Christ) from Essential Truths of the Christian Faith by RC Sproul. It was very good as usual! I learned that the Father and the Son are equal in being and eternal attributes, although Jesus is subordinate to the Father in His role in redemption. Christ's subordination is voluntary. After that book discussion we had the sermon discussion which wish also led by Mr. Kidd. :) We are to proclaim God in all that we do. Creation does a wonderful job at proclaiming His glory. His glory is proclaimed, loudly, it has a purpose, and speaks continuously. We are being conformed into the likeness of Christ. A cool thing Mrs. Kidd pointed out is that the transformation is also corporate. We grow closer and more like Christ as a church family and with our brothers and sisters in Christ. The more we read and understand God's word, the sweeter it becomes.

Yesterday, I did my schoolwork outside in the sun! It seemed pretty warm outside but when I went to Billy's track meet at Oxford Hills, it was rather chilly! Billy's meet was very exciting during the short, fast events but in between wasn't very exciting.

Tonight, I am going to study the SATs with Erin and maybe Allison. Should be pretty fun!

Billy and I are going to Augusta with Alyssa, Josh, and Sean tomorrow to go shopping for banquet stuff and to hang out. I do believe a stop at Fielder's choice will be in order. :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

What a Lovely Sunday!

Yesterday was a wonderful , laid back day. We went to church, I took a few family pictures, we talked and fellowshipped with a people after church until almost 1pm. Our family (except Mom because she was working :( ) invited Isaac over for lunch. After lunch Billy, Isaac, Shannon, and I went to Mt. David (basically a hill) near Bates College and hiked it real quick. After that, we went over to the park and played monkey in the middle with a frisbee with Connor and Gavin. I laughed so much! We all had a blast. Once we were all pooped out we laid on a cement block type thing for awhile and talk to Mrs. Crawford. :)

After the Crawfords left, Isaac, Shannon, Billy, and I walked around on the river walk. :) It was lovely! I took a few pictures of the water and ducks. After the walk, we decided to eat supper at 84 Court Street. 84 Court Street was a restaurant that Isaac recommended and it was fantastic! They had wonderful customer service, declines food, and affordable prices! After supper we talked for awhile and then Isaac drove us home.

Billy, Shannon, and I told Mom and Dad about our adventures and then I went to bed. It was a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Friends + Pranks + Pasta + Games = A Good, Good Time!

Yesterday evening, Sarah and David picked Billy and I up. When we got back to Sarah's house we talked for a little bit and then we drove to Jackie's road. We decided to pull a small prank on her and pretended we walked the whole way to her house. Jackie fell for it! It was great.

When got back to Sarah's house, we had some delicious spaghetti, sauce, garlic bread, and clementines. After supper we baked an apple crisp. It was yummy! We played Scattergories and David won. :) I did pretty awful. After Scattergories, we played Catchphrase. We did process of elimination. The first road, Jackie won, Billy came in second, then Sarah, then me, then David. The second round I won, David came in second, Sarah third, Jackie fourth and Billy last. The third round Jackie won again, Sarah came in second, then Billy, then me, then David. It was super fun and we laughed so much!

We all piled into Sarah's car, dropped Jackie off, and then Sarah dropped Billy and I off. It was a fabulous time!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring is a Comin'!

It's super nice outside today! I can hardly believe that it was snowing on Friday and now it's Monday and it's around 55 degrees and sunny! That's Maine for yah! It's supposed to be in the mid fifties all week except on Friday it's supposed to get to 60 degrees! I can't wait!

Tonight, Billy and I are going to hang out with Sarah, Jackie, and David at Sarah's house. It should be fun!